• Pastor Michael Nelson

    Michael and Tammi moved to Bunbury in early 2012 in order to start South West Baptist.
    They love the beauty of the South West and the friendly relaxed lifestyle of Bunbury.
    Michael grew up in Wanneroo, WA and moved to the U.S. in 2000 in order to attend Bible College.  Michael and Tammi both graduated from Bible College and were married in 2004.  
    Tammi was raised in the U.S. and together they returned to Australia in 2009.  They have three happy and active children, Cayden, Tait, and Rylee.

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  • Pastor Dwayne Keefe

    Dwayne and Valerie moved to Bunbury in 2015 to work alongside South West Baptist and share the Good News of God's love.  
    They both grew up in the U.S. and after completing Bible College migrated to Australia in 2001.  They have an adult son named Austin.
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  • Cale Begley

    Cale was raised in Bunbury and for 15 years worked locally as a public-school chaplain, teacher and principal working predominantly with students with complex needs. Cale married Catherine in 2006 and they have three children, Maye, Tessa and Jarrad. Catherine works part time as an occupational therapist in order to allow time for ministries relating to youth, children, and women. Cale began working for the church in 2020 and is passionate about supporting believers in the development of their gifts and passions to serve God, serve the community and grow the Church. As the Director of Ministry, Cale supports the church’s ministry teams overseeing community outreach and evangelism.

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